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How Do I Place An Order?

Ordering is easy! Simply view the products in our SHOP section and select your favourites. Choose the size and quantity you would like, and that will add to your cart.


If you would like to order multiple sizes of the same pattern, Add to Cart with one size at a time, in whichever quantity you would like of each.


Do this with as many items as you wish, then go to View Cart and complete the checkout process by providing your name, address, contact info and payment info.


Then we will make your bandanas and send them off to you as soon as possible. If there are questions or concerns on our end, we will contact you at the email address you provided. Most orders are shipped within 2 days, depending on demand. If you have any questions please contact us :-)


Prices and Shipping of Bandanas


--  Advertised Price in Header is in Canadian Dollars  --

Exchange rates may adjust to local currencies when shopping.


Our stated prices covers the items themselves and covers the cost of your purchased items to be sent to you through regular postal services. This does not include extra charges on your end that are unknown to us, such as local taxes, transaction fees from your payment institution, or pickup fees from your postal service, should you have any. Please contact us if you have questions.

Shipping Charges

For purchases of 1 (one) bandana of any style or size, shipping is currently $5.

For orders of 2 (two) or more bandanas, in any combination of sizes or styles, shipping is FREE!

​​In the Vancouver, BC area?
So are we! Let's talk about possible pick up or delivery of your order when you contact us!

Intercontinental Orders outside North America

Shipping is currently set at $10 per item. Please contact us for more applicable rates.

For Retailers Interested in Selling GYDAB Items

Some time will be needed to make the items, but pricing and shipping charges can be worked out individually with your store. Please contact us for overall pricing plans for you!


Returns & Cancellation

We will accept cancellations before items are shipped. If there is an error or problem with your order upon receiving it, we will work with you to correct it as soon as we can - please contact us immediately so we can fix things.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Our online ordering is currently done exclusively through PayPal, a very secure service. If you do not want to pay online, please Contact Us and we will look at another payment method with you.

When placing your order through PayPal, your account information is kept strictly confidential by PayPal. Your payment activity is fully secure and is not shared with anyone. Please click this link to see PayPal's User Agreement.


​Privacy Policy

We are as concerned about online privacy and security as you are - we treat your activity on this site as though it was our activity on the web. Our website will not be sharing any personal information about you, nor will we be selling any information gained from your use of our website.

Does this site use cookies?
Yes, we do use cookies - they are simple cookies that tell us that someone is here, but they don't tell us who you are. Personal information provided at checkout is sent separately, it is entered by you and not combined with other information that might be gathered by cookies.

Why do we use cookies?
Basically, to see what works. We are using cookies to analyze activity in order to improve this website. These statistics help us see what pages are popular, and to help us decide if our communication is attractive to customers.

How do we use cookies?
Our website is hosted on the platform, and we use Google Analytics to gather statistics. We want to see what people are most interested in, and the cookies we use simply allow Wix and Google Analytics to track anonymous information about what visitors and customers do when on our website.

The information gathered by cookies is fairly general; we do not track who is looking at certain pages, but we can see how many visitors from different parts of the world are looking at certain pages. Therefore we will know this page has been viewed today, but we do not know exactly who is reading this. As far as device location, all we learn is that several visitors from a city (such as Burnaby, BC, or Gibsons, BC, for example) may have visited a page on this site at a certain time, but we do not know where in Burnaby or Gibsons those visitors might be.

Survey information
All information provided by visitors to online surveys is purely consensual and any personal information provided in surveys will not be sold to other companies.

You can read our full Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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