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This bandana takes the popular Red Lumberjack Plaid and puts it on both sides. This has been a popular request from several customers for their second bandanas, giving them an extra clean side for easy day-to-day use.

Jack - Red Lumberjack

  • This reversible bandana has the same pattern on both sides; the ever popular red & black lumberjack plaid. The pattern will not be lined up exactly in the images shown, but you will receive the pattern you selected. Send us an email if you would like to customize your patterns in a different way.

    The bandanas are made from canine-friendly materials and is machine washable. There are no snaps or velcro to get caught in your dog's fur, just slip the collar through the top opening and away you go!

    XS - 6.5" x 4"   (16.5cm x 12cm)
    SM - 8.5" x 6"   (21.5cm x 15cm)
    M - 10.5" x 7"  (26.5cm x 18cm)
    LG - 11.5" x 8"  (28.5cm x 20cm)
    XL - 13.5" x 9"  (34.5cm x 23cm)

  • We will accept cancellations before items are shipped. We do not accept returns or exchanges - however if there is an error or problem with your order we will be happy to work with you to fix it, please contact us.

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